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Business terms for Tanganyika and Malawi wild fish export

Wild fish imports from Tanganyika and Malawi lakes are realized 6 – 10 times per year. You can make your order now and it will be included in our total order.

The species listed in our catalogue have been fished successfully for several years. However, we can’t guarantee that all the listed species will be fished every time. And it may also happen that some rare species not listed in the catalogue will be fished. That’s why we always consult the actual state of fish with our supplier in Tanzania.

After he confirms that our requested fish are ready for transport, we will contact you. If you are interested, we will also send you the updated list of fish, so you will be able to add some new species to your old order. Please notice that new customers will have to put down a 25% deposit at this point.

There are two ways you can buy the wild fish:

1.Direct import – You will collect your fish personally in our firm right on their arrival from Africa.
2.Fish import including their acclimatization – On arrival from Africa, the fish will be acclimatized in our tanks for two weeks at least. After this time, we will deliver them to you. We use air transport as well as cars, depending on the distance. Transport prices are shown in the table below.

Car transport

Our company is located near the city of Ceske Budejovice in Southern Bohemia.
If your order fits in our regular delivery route (suitable time and place), the transport price is following:

Distance (km)Price for transport of 1 box
within 200 km1,6 €
within 300 km2,4 €
within 400 km3,2 €
within 500 km4 €
within 600 km4,8 €
within 700 km5,6 €
within 800 km6,4 €
within 900 km7,2 €
within 1000 km8 €
within 1200 km9,6 €
within 1400 km11,2 €
within 1600 km12,8 €
within 1800 km14,4 €
within 2000 km16 €

If we have to deliver your order individually, the transport price is 0,259 EUR / 1 km.
Delivery is free of charge according to the following table.

Distance (km)Price of order
within 500 kmover 1000 €
within 600 kmover 1200 €
within 700 kmover 1400 €
within 800 kmover 1600 €
within 900 kmover 1800 €
within 1000 kmover 2000 €
within 1200 kmover 2400 €
within 1400 kmover 2800 €
within 1600 kmover 3200 €
within 1800 kmover 3600 €
within 2000 kmover 4000 €

Prices for air transport

Price for air transport needs to be calculated individually according to the size of your order and distance.
Packages heavier than 100 kg are priced at 5 - 7 USD / 1 kg (depending on distance) + handling fee approximately 140 USD.

As for direct import and car transport, you will pay in cash when you receive your fish. If we use air transport, you will pay by bank transfer – new customers are asked to pay in advance, during the acclimatization of fish.

We look forward to cooperating with you.